LTD „Dairosta“

Your idea is in our care.


Dairosta Ltd is a Lithuanian construction company that has gained a significant amount of experience that allows to accomplish most various projects and offer economy solutions.

We perform monolithic ferrocement, masonry and finishing works. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, therefore we ensure that the final results are produced with quality control.

We carry out construction operations in various sites such as:

  • Private houses
  • Residental apartment buildings
  • Entertainment premises
  • Commercial premises


Operations using Monolithic ferrocement

We set up: CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles, bored foundations, strip foundations, also monolithic pillars, beams, stairs, overlaps that can be assembled, and other monolithic constructions.


Masonry are operated using silicate bricks, ceramic bricks, silicate blocks, gas silicate blocks, porous cement blocks, ceramsite blocks or ceramic blocks.


We execute various finishing works such as: wall plastering, plasterboard installation, tiling, wall and ceiling painting.